OpenSDS Aruba Released

The OpenSDS development team wrapped up the Aruba release development late last week. Congratulations to all involved on this really great milestone for OpenSDS.

We still have a lot of work to do, but I think it’s worth taking a look back at all that our contributors were able to accomplish these last six months.


The Aruba release adds the following functionality:

  • Array-based replication
  • Cinder compatible API
  • Containerized deployment
  • Controller API request filter
  • Create volume from snapshot
  • Dashboard UI interface
  • Extend volume support
  • Fibre channel protocol support
  • Host-based replication
  • Multi-tenancy support in the API
  • OpenStack Keystone authentication
  • Storage backend capabilities reporting
  • Storage pool capability reporting
  • Volume groups

The OpenSDS controller (Hotpot), the north bound plugins (Sushi), and the installer can be downloaded from here:

Hotpot Sushi Installer


OpenSDS was able to reach out to interested users and potential contributors at these events:

  • OpenSDS Mini-Summit at the Open Source Summit EU
  • OpenSDS Mini-Summit at Kubecon EU
  • Presentations at the OpenStack Summit in Vancouver
  • Open Source Summit Tokyo
  • Open Source Summit Beijing

The Road Ahead

We have a great set of functionality now in OpenSDS, but we have plenty more to do. We look forward to the next six months and the features for the Bali release.

We can always use help - both for implementing features and by providing us valuable input to help shape the direction of the project. Please do reach out to get involved!

Thank you to everyone that has had a part in getting OpenSDS to where it is now. It’s great to see where things are going!

Sean McGinnis Written by:

OpenSDS community and release manager

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